Star Wars Rogue One: Jyn Erso, where does his name come from?

Cinema 12 January, 2017

Why is the main character of Star Wars: Rogue One a woman and why is her name Jyn? As you will see, the reason is far from trivial!

After Star Wars: The Force Alarm , it’s the turn of Star Wars: Rogue One upgrade to a woman as a main character. And what a woman! Jyn Erso is clearly not used to letting oneself walk on her feet and she does not hesitate to plunge headlong into the worst dangers if the situation requires it. It must be said that after being raised by this fanatical warrior of Saw Guerrera, our heroine is rather adorned to face the ordeals. So, there is not much wrong with falling in love with this young woman fired character who ends up joining the Rebel Alliance to honor the memory and sacrifice of his father . And remains moreover very intriguing since it is unclear who Jyn was before fighting for the rebels in Star Wars: Rogue One . Fortunately, we can count on the team of the film to reveal us little by little some details about the character. And today is John Knoll, in charge of special effects at Industrial Light and Magic , which reveals information about Jyn, to find out where the character and how he found his name !
John Knoll, who first submitted to Kathleen Kennedy the idea of ​​telling the theft of the Black Star’s plans in the spin-off, also contributed to the creation of Jyn. For the name, it was inspired by … the women in his life ! He tells so to Yahoo! Movies: ” I wanted the main character of the film is an intelligent, strong and active I have three daughters who are growing and who were very young when I started working on the film I felt.. That one could really use another female character strong and determined for Star Wars.My youngest girl is called Jane and my wife, Jen, so [Jyn] is a bit the result of a mash-up between the two . And when I was a child, I called my aunt Ginny, [a nickname] to Virginia, so there’s a bit of that in the name too. it’s a mixture of all the women in my life . “. Like what, the meltynauts, do not necessarily look far to find inspiration! In any case John Knoll that we must Jyn Erso the existence and the fact that the main character of Star Wars: Rogue One is a woman. On the other hand, he does not tell us anything about his last name. Anyway, Jyn Erso, which is found in the company of Cassian on images deleted scenes from Star Wars: Rogue One , has quite found its place in the universe of the saga! What did you think of Jyn Erso?