Star Wars Rogue One: K-2SO, C-3PO and R2-D2, which is the best?

Cinema 24 December, 2016

K-2SO is the new droid of the Star Wars saga, introduced in Rogue One. So, between C-3PO, R2-D2 and him, which one is best? Warning, spoilers!
Ah, here’s a situation that should not please C-3PO! For a long time (decades actually), our favorite intergalactic diva and her little reckless constant companion, R2-D2 droids remained the only stars of Star Wars . And in just two years, two other robots have come to compete with them! First there was the adorable and mischievous BB-8, the mascot of the new trilogy. And then it’s K-2 SO (Alan Tudyk), who arrived from nowhere in Star Wars: Rogue One and, suddenly, makes them shade . For it must be admitted that the droid, with his way of saying without filter or make up what he thinks, did not take long to conquer us. So, R2 and 3PO, who still took the time to do a cameo in Star Wars: Rogue One , may have some reason to worry. If we do not go so far as to say that K-2SO completely steals the show (should not push anyway), the fact that it has some trumps that make it as cool as our other two droids stars.
It must be admitted, K-2SO is rather unique in its kind! If it is as pessimistic as 3PO – and that’s a feat in itself – and as brave as R2, it is above all … very sarcastic ! Sometimes even more than Han itself, which is not much to say. What makes K-2 SO comic element of Star Wars: Rogue One , his black humor and cynical sticking well to the dark atmosphere and the harsh tone of the film. Whether he gives the probability of success rate of a mission (often not high, you will have noticed) or his somewhat adversarial relationship with Jyn, the droid is certainly the best punchline of the whole movie. We remember very well the first remark he made to our heroine after having knocked out: ” Congratulations on being rescued Do not resist.. .” Here is a cold statement that clearly announces the color of the character!
If there is a time believed that K-2 SO would endanger Jyn and other rebels in Star Wars: Rogue One , partly because it is, after all, an old droid of the Empire, it is ultimately also Loyal than trustworthy, Cassian and him maintaining a little the same kind of relationship as Han and Chewbacca. Moreover, the fans were not mistaken and immediately adopted Kaytoo and his sense of humor a little particular. ” K-2 SO is by far my favorite Star Wars droid! Sorry, R2 .”, Says even a user on Twitter. K 2 SO-LA is a little revelation of Star Wars: Rogue One , combining good replicas sassy as we like and nobility and strength of character. And he shall say (almost) famous classic replica of the saga: “I have a bad feeling .”. Before Cassian asked him to close his clapper … So where could it be if we decided to establish a top 3 with R2 and 3PO as competitors?
After careful consideration, melty says that K 2 SO could take … second place, just ahead of R2-D2 ! Because it must be admitted – and even if the choice is difficult – R2 has a slight disadvantage compared to the other two: we do not understand! His ” beeps ” are certainly very excited explicit but the meaning of his speech remains rather obscure for us if C-3PO and Luke are not there to translate. Which does not prevent us from worshiping the little droid with all our heart. As for C-3PO, he can only occupy the first place (and no doubt he is delighted) simply because it is THE comic Star Wars raised from day one . He complains very much, of course, it can be annoying too, but it is above all a little the voice of common sense. He who would rather play wisely protocol robots is always found embedded in stories not possible, which makes his reactions and reflections all the more funny. And 3PO has an advantage over K 2 SO: It’s just been there longer and had much more opportunity to build close ties with fans of Star Wars . But the second place, for a droid who has just landed and who will probably not have the chance to show up, is already very honorable! So, we come to say that we would have liked the end of Star Wars: Rogue One is different to be able to see him – even if Kaytoo bows with great panache. And you, which of the three do you prefer?