Star Wars Rogue One: Ship Design Explained in a Video

Cinema 5 January, 2017

Wondering how the Star Wars Rogue One ships were designed? This video explains everything!

One of the elements that had impressed the audience at the release of the first Star Wars in 1977 was the special effects of the latter. George Lucas and his technical teams had managed to create a coherent and visually stunning spatial universe. Today, technology is evolving but Star Wars, always at the forefront, is still full of fans. On the occasion of spinoff Star Wars Rogue One, including Gareth Edwards has deciphered a key scenes Darth Vader , the heads of special effects did a stunning job explained in an exclusive video. One discovers by what means they could give a second life to the spaceships imagined almost 40 years ago.
For 13 minutes, English-speaking users will discover how the technicians were able to reconstruct these legendary vessels without denaturing them and stay in a logic of continuity with the first Star Wars . The video shows photos used for upstream searches or dedicated software for special effects. A good way to realize the expertise of these professionals and the monster work that such an enterprise application. The financial success of Star Wars Rogue One, which could be closer to that of the Force Alarm , the film also has the fine in this team. A video that will mouthwatering fans eager to see the work in special effects of Star Wars 8 ! What do you think of this video?