Star Wars Rogue One: The Alternative End Unveiled!

Cinema 21 March, 2017

The End of Star Wars: Rogue One Shocked You? If it can console you, we almost had a completely different ending.
Star Wars: Rogue One as seen in cinema last December did not always look like this! Between the original script and the final version, there have been many changes and some scenes have even had to be returned. And the end of the film is part of these latest changes . In the version we saw in the cinema, Jyn Erso, Cassian and their other acolytes do not get away and fall with Scarif. An end, to say the least brutal, which was not really expected. And this is normal, since in the original version, Jyn Erso and Cassian were not to die ! It is the screenwriter Gary Whitta who revealed this information, describing how Star Wars: Rogue One was to end. “A rebel ship descended on Scarif to pick them up. The transfer of the plans for the Star of Death took place later. They were jumping and later Leia’s ship had to come from Alderaan to help them. The transfer of data between the vessels was then off Scarif , “he said.
And it’s not over ! Gary Whitta also said that, as in the final version, Darth Vader obviously did not say his last word and so went on to pursue this data, destroying Jyn Erso’s ship. It was then found on the ship of Leia, rebasculating on the famous scene that opened episode IV, A New Hope . But the film did not stop there! A last image was to show us the debris of Jyn Erso’s ship, and we would have learned that Jyn and Cassian had managed to escape before. In short, what a twist! But the question now is: why did you finally decide not to save them? Simply because in reality the basic idea was to kill them all but not being sure to be allowed to do so, They preferred to present a first version where Jyn and Cassian were getting along. Eventually, they were pleasantly surprised when Lucasfilm agreed that the entire crew was to die. And so their fate was sealed. Unless they find a way to get Jyn Erso back? And you, what do you think of this alternative end?