Star Wars Rogue One: The bonuses of the Blu-Ray version finally known!

Cinema 6 March, 2017

Star Wars Rogue will soon be released in Blu-Ray and the bonuses that will accompany it are finally known!
One must have lived on another planet to miss the planetary success of the first Star Wars spin-off . While the film has surpassed the billion mark without too much worry, the fans have only one hurry, that of finding Jyn and his fine team for a new viewing on Blu-Ray. And that says Blu-Ray of Star Wars Rogue One, of which a sequel in the form of novel is to be expected , said bonus exclusive. For the most impatient, these were unveiled by Making Star Wars (without saying too much about the content). For example, John Knoll, the film’s special effects supervisor, will explain why Rogue One was the perfect choice to begin the spin-offs of the saga.
There are several videos that will explain the development of human characters like Jyn and Cassian or the K-2SO robot. A good way to find out a lot more about this hero team. One of the bonuses called “The Empire” will return to the darkest designs of this enemy driven by the terrible Dark Vader : the fans are already looking forward. The Star Wars Rogue One Blu-Ray , whose two characters will soon be explored in a book , will also be the opportunity for his technical team to take up the challenge of the film and its place in an already rich universe. This Blu-Ray that will be released on March 24th is likely to find a good place on the shelf of fans of Star Wars !