Star Wars Rogue One: The movie could have been very different

Cinema 4 January, 2017

Despite its release at the end of the year, Rogue One A Star Wars Story is one of the biggest hits of 2016. We could have had a completely different adventure!
One only knows that a film is successful only when the final product is there! We had announced weeks ago, while filming Star Wars Rogue One A Story was finished, the film crew had been recalled by the production to shoot new scenes. Information that did not really please the fans who got scared: was the film bad enough to change many scenes? Well no, the director wanted to simply afford more options and also avoid spoilers. Because yes, thanks to all the scenes turned we could have discovered a film completely different. In any case what was said Ben Mendelsohn aka Orson Krennic.
The latter announced: . “We read several different scenarios for some scenes and they decided to do so, they would have many choices for the same part of the film I saw several scenes supposed to take place at times One crucial Snape that could change everything. There are really big differences of 20 or 30 scenes and rendering would not at all the same ” . Rogue One could be a bigger success than Star Wars The Force Revival and it is not clear whether we would have liked things to be different! Would you like to edit some scenes in Rogue One?