Star Wars Rogue One: The past of two characters soon explored in a book

Cinema 29 January, 2017

Before embarking on their suicide mission, our Star Wars: Rogue One heroes have had a life. And two of them will be entitled to their prequel in the form of a novel!
It’s been a long time now that the saga Star Wars does not rest solely on its more movies! Books, video games and comics have unceasingly expanded his universe, evoking the past or the future of most characters, creating even more protagonists almost as famous today as Han or Luke. And Disney, having redeemed LucasFilm and all his properties, has of course taken the torch, throwing to the nettles the whole extended universe thought so far to create his own. While it is obviously not surprising that the first spin-off of the franchise, as The Force Wake before it gives rise to a plethora of spin stories! And they promise to land both in the form of comics, like the one to unveil the deleted scenes from Star Wars: Rogue One , that in the novels …! And it is precisely this second category that interests us today. Because imagine, the meltynauts, that two protagonists of the film will have right to their prequel. Obviously, you will certainly have guessed, the two heroes in question are none other than Chirrut Îmwe (Donnie Yen) and Baze Malbus (Jiang Wen), the favorite duo of fans .
According to the official site of Star Wars , we know in fact that a novel called ” Guardians of the Whills ” is planned and will be written by Greg Rucka, fans of DC Comics are very familiar with his work for the publishing house. As its title indicates, this novel should explore youth Chirrut and Baze , the time they enter the mysterious Guardians Whills until the takeover by the Emperor forces to come into resistance. And we can say right away, this kind of story should satisfy the most curious! It must be admitted, Chirrut and Baze (well, mostly Chirrut) are two rather mysterious character whose past is evoked by bit , which, obviously, makes us want to learn more. Especially since, according to the title, one should learn about the famous Guardians of the Whills, their philosophy, their training and their links with the Jedi order. At least, we hope so! The novel in question is due out in May, but it will be a little patient before discovering more about them and their past. They will, however, not the only ones to benefit from this treatment as another book called ” Rebel Rising ” should explore the past of Jyn when it was still part of the group of Saw Guerrera. Meanwhile, here are 4 things you never knew about Chirrut in Star Wars: Rogue One . Which character of the film do you prefer?