Star Wars Rogue One: Who was Jyn Erso before the rebellion?

Cinema 2 January, 2017

Before being the heroine of Star Wars Rogue One, Jyn Erso had to forge his character. But who was she before the rebellion?

With the spinoff titled Star Wars Rogue One , the writers were able to expand this vast universe created by George Lucas in 77 while creating a strong character Jyn Erso. This member of the Rebels, played by Felicity Jones, has a huge background that could, why not be even more developed in comics or novels around the character ahead of events Rogue One . There are few, ScreenRant was lucky during an event dedicated to the press about Star Wars Rogue One, which could be as big a financial success that The Force Alarm , ask a question Felicity Jones about Jyn Erso’s past . His answer should please you.
“I spend a lot of time thinking about it, I think Jyn is very lonely, she was a little delinquent, she had to grow up without her parents, she had to survive on her own, her only mentor was Saw Gerrera, Can see in the opening of Rogue One.It was her guide, both spiritual and emotional, but that did not stop Jyn from learning life on her own.It is a woman on the defensive in a way. There was a lot of fight in it . “. Confidences which lay the foundations of what could be the past of the heroine of Star Wars Rogue One, who nearly had a different ending . That of a strong character, which had to be built alone to become what it is today. What do you think ?