Star Wars Spinoff Han Solo: How is Donald Glover (Lando Calrissian) preparing for his role?

Cinema 10 January, 2017

Play Lando Calrissian in the spin-off Han Solo of Star Wars is an honor for Donald Glover. So the actor is determined to prepare as he should for his role!

What better than to have the unheard-of chance to play his favorite character? Even if it means having a bit (much) pressure … Donald Glover, who will play Lando Calrissian in the spin-off of Star Wars, Han Solo , must be familiar with this mixture of excitement and nerves, who shall, after All, to resurrect one of the protagonists of the saga! Especially since, from what he could say since it was announced the cast of the film, the actor is a true fanboy of the friend of Han Solo. So naturally, he must still have a little trouble believing what happens to him . After the first shock, Donald Glover was a little more open about his role and what his participation in the film means. He thus entrusted to the site during the event Variety Golden Globes about his presence in the cast of the spin-off : ” I was pretty shocked … I’m really honored .”. Yes, that can be conceived! But the challenge for Donald Glover is daunting. Because it will not only have to give him the character of the same charisma as Lando Billy Dee Williams was shown in The Empire against attack and Return of the Jedi , but he will also have to provide its own version of the character. So how does the actor / singer / producer / screenwriter prepare to slip into the skin of Lando?
The answer is apparently thanks … on a diet ! It is necessary that our lovely young Lando should have the line. He explained to the USA Today website what his famous preparation: ” Do not eat anything pleasant in my life Lando represents something huge for me it represented literally my first toy When you face… To something so iconic, when people pay attention to it, it’s very difficult because you want to live up to their expectations.But all you can actually do is show you up your own expectations. And Star Wars sets the bar very high . “. In short, he lives a childhood dream, certainly, but playing Lando, it deserves! But at melty, we trust him. The actor manages everything he does and we do not doubt that he will resurrect the character with panache Calrissian and that it will form a perfect duo with Alden Ehrenreich, also super excited to play in the spin-off Han solo . However, a question arises. Will Donald Glover come … to let his mustache grow? And you, do you think Donald Glover will make a good Lando?