Star Wars The Last Jedi: A major detail on the nature of Snoke unveiled

Cinema 1 June, 2017

If we do not know who Snoke really is in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, a new element about his nature allows us to rule out a few possibilities!
Rey and Luke, the two major stars of Star Wars that are expected to be found in The Last Jedi , would they have been in the background ? The most talked-about character now is Snoke, the Supreme Leader of the First Order , the biggest bad bad in this new trilogy that seeks to establish more firmly than ever his dominance over the galaxy. It must be said that the fellow is, like our heroine, Daisy Ridley, at the heart of several theories that feed on the mystery surrounding his origins and nature. And unfortunately, Snoke must be relatively little in Star Wars: The Last Jedi , we will not know much more about him before a while. BUT – because yes, there is a ”
And those who thought that the Supreme Leader was in fact Palpatine or even Dark Vader, even Mace Windu, disguised will have to reconsider their assumptions. Because no, the meltynauts, Snoke is a priori not human ! Pablo Hidalgo tweeted part of the text of the novel taken from the Revival of the Force in which one can read a description of the character. And if this one is called ” humanoid “, it is also written black-on-white ” but not human “. ” I think the question has already been asked, Snoke’s humanity, as described in the novel taken from the Revival of the Force, ” commented the author. So yes, as was suspected, Snoke is actually an alien whose silhouette looks a bit like a human being . At least, it is the case at the moment, these things having sometimes vocation to be rewritten …
This small piece of information is to be paralleled with the drawing outline of the LEGO boxes that leaked a few days ago. Snoke’s face was wrapped in a gilded robe. And if you can not always be 100% sure that the design of the LEGO toys reflects the reality, the fact that this design was removed from the web would tend to convince us that this is the case here. In any case, the Supreme Leader always remains a mysterious figure . And it probably should not be at the heart of the big revelation that is supposed to offer us Star Wars: The Last Jedi . So much to say that one can still lay a lot of theories about its origins! What do you think ?