Star Wars The Last Jedi: A new creature unveiled with Finn and Rose

Cinema 4 May, 2017

According to new information, Finn will meet a very special creature during one of his missions with the character of Kelly Marie Tran.
Star Wars Celebration , a new character from Kelly Marie Tran in Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi, was introduced to us a few weeks ago . The latter is part of the Resistance and will obviously have a big role to play in this new episode. The director Rian Johnson has teased a mission with Finn, our former Stormtrooper! You will tell us: but what is the relationship with the new creature of the film? Well, it is in this adventure that will live Finn and Rose that we will discover it. Indeed, according to new information, a big action scene of Star Wars 8 would imply Finn and Rose, in full race with horses of the space , on the new planet Canto Bight. Horses of space, yes, you heard right. According to Making Star Wars , these creatures are called the Falthiers, and are somehow race horses used for races on the Planet Casino of Canto Bight. They apparently go as fast as a speeder and are described as beige and their heads would be “a mix between the Tauntaun and the dragon of The Endless Story.”
Still according to Making Star Wars , this famous scene would see Finn and Rose chased by “guys who drive luxury speeders” . The two heroes would hide in a stable and would then decide to steal a Falthier to escape and would then follow a crazy chase. Obviously, they would win and succeed in defeating those who pursue them and then they would see them heading to a cafe to meet their contact. This is certainly a scene that promises to be quite impressive and we are looking forward to discovering these famous horses from space. And above all, discover who is the famous contact that Finn and Rose must meet.