Star Wars The Last Jedi: Adam Driver (Kylo Ren) tease of “new rules” for the franchise

Cinema 3 July, 2017

There will be change in the Star Wars universe! According to Adam Driver, Star Wars: The Last Jedi has introduced new rules for franchising!

One of the defects that we could objectively find in Star Wars: The Reveil of the Force is obviously its resemblance to A New Hope! An enormous base threatening the galaxy, the discovery of a new hero capable of using the Force, a wicked helmet who took himself for the successor of Darth Vader …, the similarities were obvious and numerous. So, some fans are afraid that Star Wars: The Last Jedi, even if it is more “menacing” than the Reveil of the Force, does not pump a little too much on the Empire against-attack. But it may be underestimate a little Rian Johnson, who intends to offer his own version of the story and characters. And just listen to Adam Driver, who has often had the opportunity to praise the Star Wars script: The Last Jedi, to understand that the director has imposed a new vision of the intergalactic saga.

The interpreter of Kylo Ren was able to entrust his impressions on the film and the work of Rian Johnson in an interview with the Huffington Post. And according to him, the director would have imposed new rules for frankness, mixing the unknown with the known. He said, “[Rian Johnson] was able to create new rules for the Star Wars universe and skillfully found a balance between what is familiar and what is new, while trusting the public to accept What can be ambiguous, and it is something that one could already see in his previous films, history and characters are his priority. That is intriguing! We know that Mark Hamill was surprised by his role in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, proof that Luke, at least, has changed since we left him celebrating the victory at the end of the Return of I say. It remains to be seen what kind of repercussions the elements he has introduced in the film will have on the rest of the franchise. Come on, another few months before discovering the kind of surprise that Rian Johnson has concocted us!