Star Wars The Last Jedi: Another scene shot to make the link with Star Wars 9?

Cinema 20 June, 2017

In order to introduce an event that will take place in Star Wars 9, Colin Trevorrow has asked Rian Johnson to shoot a particular scene in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.
The problem when you build a trilogy with different directors for each opus is that you have to be careful to stay consistent! As a result, communication and exchanges between directors are absolutely essential. Rian Johnson, while he was writing the Star Wars script : The Last Jedi and that he included a Luke who surprised even Mark Hamill , for example asked JJ Abrams to change one or two elements of the Revival of The Force in order to prepare the way for an event that must occur in his film. And what Rian Johnson did for Episode VIII, Colin Trevorrow did it for his sequel , Star Wars 9 ! The director is still immersed in the realization of the scenario of the last opus of the trilogy and needs his predecessor to introduce some details in his own feature film so that he can use it to tell his own story. Or at least that’s what we get from Colin Trevorrow, who talked about it during his participation in the Happy Sad Confused podcast.
And here is what he has to say on this: ” There is a little trick. It’s not really a fit, I just asked him, ‘Could you turn that little thing over while You’re here today? “And he did, which is great .” At the same time, we do not see why Rian Johnson would have refused this favor to Colin Trevorrow. At melty, we would not be surprised to learn that this ” little thing more ” would have a link with Leia, since Carrie Fisher will not be present in Star Wars 9 . Perhaps Colin Trevorrow found a way to justify his absence gently and needed to add some elements in The Last Jedi ? In any case, the director took advantage of his intervention to recall that there is a real process of collaboration between the different teams and that the history of this new trilogy has not been fixed in the marble by big companies more concerned with Make money than offer an interesting narrative. He added: ” Actually, we are a small group of people … and none of us belong to the business world, we are all creators and we all sincerely want to do the work of our By making this film . “