Star Wars The Last Jedi: Does Rey really have to be a Skywalker?

Cinema 12 July, 2017

Many fans think Rey is a Skywalker. But would it be so terrible if it turns out that she is not ultimately part of the family of Luke and Anakin?

And yes, we always come back to these two famous questions! Where does Rey come from? And who are his parents? For many, the answer does not make a fold. Our new hero can only be a Skywalker, either because she is the daughter of Luke – the most widespread theory – or because she is the daughter of Leia. And it’s true that Star Wars has always been a family story, that of the Skywalker. This was the case in the first trilogy, and this was the case in the prequel. As a result, the fact that Rey was abandoned small but able to control the Force even in situations of pure tension (as in her fight against Kylo Ren) obviously leads us to believe that yes, the young woman Can only be part of the family. His filial relationship with Luke and Anakin would justify his role in the trilogy while perpetuating the tradition that make Skywalker the heroes of Star Wars. Only then, Adam Driver made it clear that The Last Jedi introduced new rules in the franchise, and some could directly concern the origins of Rey. Would it be so serious, in the end, that the young woman is not a Skywalker?

Already, from a logical point of view, it becomes increasingly difficult to support the theory that Rey is a Skywalker. For if she is the daughter of Han and Leia, then why did not the two characters recognize her when they saw her in The Reveil of the Force? We want to admit that she has changed, but not to the extent that her parents do not recognize her. And then, frankly, unless they are really unworthy parents, we do not see why they would have abandoned it in the hands of Unkar Plutt on Jakku. Especially at no time do they evoke a second child in addition to Ben. As for Luke, in retrospect, we finally imagine him to be Rey’s father. Why ? Simply because it would be too complicated to explain.
As Luke, Leia and Dark Vador shared the revelation on the link, she did not need any explanation because she played more of a shock effect and developed Luke’s character. As much a kinship between Luke and Rey, both a priori on the luminous side of the Force and representing two heroic figures of the saga, would require a true justification. Admittedly the Jedi had a child with Mara Jade in the old books derived from the universe Star Wars, but these have not officially been part since the redemption of the franchise by Disney. Hence we can not base our hopes on them.

But, in reality, the main argument that can be used to refute this theory is simply that it would be truly capillotrative. What, in a universe of billions and billions of people, only one family would have the ability to master the Force enough to restore balance and save the galaxy? It would not make sense and it would be mostly reductive. The prequels telling the story of Anakin worked because we had met his dark side in the first trilogy. The introduction of Luke and Leia and the revelation of the bond they shared with Dark Vador justified, finally, the focus on the past of the Skywalker family.
But it would be really pulling the rope to make ALL the heroes of the saga of the members of the same family. Especially to represent the new generation Skywalker, we already have a candidate with high potential: Kylo Ren, which unites all the ambivalence that marks the family. And let’s also remember that, in one way or another, all Skywalkers have so far failed in their role as Jedi and as father and / or mentor. If Rey is supposed to restore balance in the Force in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, then it may be better for her not to be part of the family …

In the end, then, would it be so serious if it turns out that Rey is just … Rey? A no one in some way, without a glorious surname attached to his name, be it Skywalker, Solo or Kenobi, as imagined by other theories? At melty, we think not. By making Rey a heroine detached from the legacy of the Skywalker, the new Star Wars trilogy would bring a real change in the world of the saga. Not only would the contrast between her and Ben Solo be all the more marked – the son and nephew of the former saviors of the galaxy who turned from the dark side to a stranger charged with restoring balance, a total reversal of situation – But such an idea would also have the advantage of being simply more modern. Star Wars chose to revolutionize its formula a little by making the main character of his new trilogy a woman. Why would it not push the concept further by making it a heroine separate from the history of the Skywalker? This does not mean that the next two films will not have to explain the origins, powers, abandonment of Jakku and the connection she seems to have with Luke’s former light saber. And whether she is a Skywalker or not, Rey will remain a heroine as endearing as Luke, Leia or Han!