Star Wars The Last Jedi: Luke Skywalker, Rey & Kylo Ren on the first official poster

Cinema 14 April, 2017

A first official poster for Star Wars The Last Jedi has just been unveiled. Luke Skywalker, Rey and Kylo Ren!
Today was a very special day for fans of Star Wars. Because at the famous Star Wars Celebration , the official trailer of Star Wars The Last Jedi was unveiled . And since good news never comes alone, the first poster also made its appearance allowing the aficionados of the intergalactic saga to have a little more water to mouth. A poster with Rey, saber in hand and raised in the air, which is reminiscent of that of the very first film on which Luke Skywalker took the same pose . This same Skywalker also appears on the poster while Kylo Ren is also at his side. In short, the poster has everything to please the fans!
It must be said that the Jedi will act as a mentor for Rey and that Episode 8 will serve as a sort of inheritance between two generations . No wonder Luke Skywalker takes a big place on this poster of Star Wars The Last Jedi of which Daisy Ridley has teased the meeting between the latter and Rey . Rather purified, this poster should find its way quickly on the walls of the room of the fans and the enthusiastic reactions around multiply on the social networks like Twitter or Facebook. In short, the Star Wars Celebration hit a big hit between the trailer, the first information and other images. The fans have only to take their trouble in patience! What do you think of this poster?