Star Wars The Last Jedi: The biggest revelation of the franchise to be envisaged?

Cinema 18 May, 2017

If Lucasfilm wants the secrets to remain well-kept around Star Wars The Last Jedi, sometimes the marketing lets pass information at least interesting!
What are the surprises for us Star Wars The Last Jedi ? While the Star Wars Celebration has allowed the fans of the saga to discover new details on the much anticipated 8th part , when one likes one does not count and one wants always to know more, but Disney wants to keep as many secrets as possible So that we will be taped to our seats during the theatrical release next December. But can we really control everything today? We watch for the least information and today we get a big teasing thanks to a promotional Japanese poster that tease one of the biggest twists in the history of the saga! Good person does not speak the language, but the site US Cinemablend is categorical.
Oh myyyyy! So as much to launch the bets now, what is it? If there is one thing that does not lack with Star Wars are the theories about each character and suddenly, we have enough to do until the release of the film. Will Rey’s origins surprise him? Would a character thought to be dead make his return? Has Luke gone over to the dark side of force? Clearly ideas are not lacking. While waiting to learn more, we propose you to re discover the saga Star Wars in 10 replicas cult ! What revelation do you think?