Star Wars The Last Jedi: The change at Kylo Ren that you did not notice!

Cinema 2 May, 2017

When you’re a fan of Star Wars, you really get it and some people do not let any details go by. Did you notice the change at Kylo Ren in the trailer?
There are attentive people and then there are REALLY attentive people! When the trailer of Star Wars The Last Jedi came out , we were so excited that we watched it in fast mode, it’s great, it’s beautiful, it’s still exciting! Then we resumed our breath and we restarted the video in “now I watch” mode . So yes, ok we saw some cool stuff, we started the theories and we said keenly another trailer, but meanwhile, other fans have analyzed every second of this short trailer and Discovered that something in the appearance of Kylo Ren had changed: the place of his scar .
If one believes the most attentive fans, this scar was moved a little to the right of his face for Star Wars The Last Jedi and this information was confirmed on Twitter by Rian Johnson himself said: ” I made the decision to move it slightly (…) it was a little caricatural to leave it pile in the prolongation of the edge of his nose ” . Yes, the director really leaves nothing to chance and this small change proves how devoted he is to the film. Another change for Kylo Ren, his costume and that of Rey that were recently unveiled on a promotional image of Star Wars, The Last Jedi . Had you noticed it?