Star Wars The Last Jedi: The content of the first teaser leake?

Cinema 16 March, 2017

Those waiting for images of Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be delighted to learn that the content of the first teaser of the film would have leaked on the net!
Who does not die of impatience at the thought of FINALLY seeing a trailer of Star Wars: The Last Jedi ? Well, as far as we know, it will not be long before we get a first glimpse of the movie as a teaser of Episode VIII should land in April , during the Star Wars Celebration. This does not mean that its content can not leak on the internet upstream of its presentation, right? If the editing of melty tells you that, it is obviously because it is already more or less the case! It is possible that a fairly accurate description of a first video of Star Wars: The Last Jedi has leaked on the web. What is certain, Is that several images of the film were unveiled this week during the conference held by Disney for its investors , images on which / Film would have obtained rather crusty details, notably thanks to a certain Matthew Hensen. This one would have actually been present at the famous presentation and would thus be able to reveal what really happens in the video.
According to the site / Film, the teaser would open with the first words spoken by Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: The Last Jedi before showing us Poe Dameron, still in command of his X-Wing. This one would say, ” It’s now or never! “, Which obviously leaves us thinking that there will be at least one scene of space battle in the film. Besides, several ships of war would be seen flying in the midst of the Resistance fleet. Captain Phasma and Chewbacca would also show the tip of their noses, as would Rey, who would appear on several images as different as mysterious . One would see her turn on Luke’s lightsaber and train on Ach-To under the watchful eye of the Jedi.
But one of the most intriguing scenes presented in the video would show the hand of our young heroine land on the floor … and levitate the pebbles and dust around her. What make us understand that Rey is mastering the Force better and better ! Finally, there would obviously be Leia, who would stand before a hologram of the Resistance fleet, as well as Finn. And this one would be on the deck of an enemy ship, wearing a uniform of the First Order. Next to him would be the character of Kelly Marie Tran, disguised in the same way. Here is an image that would tend to support reports and rumors about the famous secret mission that Finn would have to lead in Star Wars: The Last Jedi . It remains to be seen whether 1) this description of the video is consistent with the reality and what was unveiled at the Disney event; And if 2) it will be the same video that will be unveiled at the Star Wars Celebration ! And you, what would you like to see in the first teaser?