Star Wars The Last Jedi: The end of the postproduction announced, a trailer for soon?

Cinema 23 June, 2017

Thanks to Rian Johnson, we know when the post-production period for Star Wars: The Last Jedi will end. Good news, it will be well upstream of its release in theaters!
And now, slowly but surely, we reached the middle of 2017. And so, the coming arrival to the cinema of Episode VIII is gradually approaching. Moreover, we, French fans, will clearly have a small advantage over our neighbors across the Atlantic and across the Channel, since we will have the opportunity to discover Star Wars: The Last Jedi before everyone else . But while waiting for this blessed day (December 13, remember the date!), The film is not finished yet. If the shooting has been finished for some time, Rian Johnson and his editors have plunged into post-production and plan to spend a few more weeks. However, the director and his collaborators should put an end to Star Wars: The Last Jedi well before its release. As you picture, the meltynauts, that Rian Johnson unveiled the end date of post-production of the film and that it is not so far from us! Recently invited to the Talk House Podcast, the director announced that it would end at the end of August . This leaves him still a little time to fine-tune his editing and special effects!
” If we stick to the program, we will have finished with the post-production in August and the movie will be released for Christmas ,” he said. Knowing that the post-production will end well before the arrival of the film in the dark rooms is also good news. Because it means that Rian Johnson will benefit from 4 months to make small adjustments if need be , without being no longer pressed for time. In the end, if this announcement is not a news worthy to sabrer champagne, it still gives us some small reasons to rejoice. We can indeed imagine that the TRUE promotional campaign will start in the next few weeks, only the recent teaser trailer of Star Wars.
The next trailer itself should land a little before the end of the post-production, probably during the month of July. It was not only during this period that the long awaited D23 , a convention held every two years and during which the Disney studios presented their future projects, but also the famous Comic Con of San Diego, would be held the following week. Two golden opportunities so to unveil the second trailer of the film . Unless, of course, the studios make us sip a little longer, just to make our impatience grow. And that’s not at all excluded! We cross the fingers to have a little more details about it in the next few days. What would you like to see in the next trailer?