Star Wars The Last Jedi: What is the nature of the book in the trailer?

Cinema 16 April, 2017

What can the book correspond to briefly seen in the trailer of Star Wars: The Last Jedi? Here are the few hypotheses that can be expressed about its nature!
What emotions, meltynauts! Especially if you are hardcore fans of Star Wars! For the last few days have been punctuated by a deluge of announcements, news and … of trailers, including that of Star Wars: The Last Jedi , of course. And if only three days have passed since its release, we can already see the deciphering, the theories and analyzes of this teaser in the form of trailers already flourishing on the internet which, it must be admitted, is as mysterious as ‘exciting. The words of Luke Skywalker, in particular, which declares that the Jedi must disappear, intrigue particularly – even destabilize a little! But it is not the only element of the video to leave us perplexed. There is also this strange book, Which seems to rest in the huge cavern with the tarabiscoté design that one discovers a little before and whose cover is adorned with a strange symbol . And then we wonder about the nature of this book and what it has to do with the plot of the film. Is it to relate with the famous ” end of the Jedi ” evoked by Luke? Here, in any case, are some hypotheses that can be expressed about the object and its meaning.
And to try to guess what it can serve well, you have to start by looking at its cover, obviously. For the symbol engraved there is strikingly similar to that of the Jedi Order, which is more refined. What makes us think that this book is related, in one way or another, to the Jedi and the history of their Order. Moreover, one would imagine that it contained well ancient knowledge, dating from the time of the very first Jedi. After all, did not Luke go in search of the first Jedi Temple? He might have found this book, which would also explain the appearance of the symbol on its cover. Over time, it could have evolved to become the Jedi Order. What is certain is that to see its worn look, the book is very, very old! Sufficiently perhaps to hold forgotten information about the Force and the early Jedi teachings . As a result, Luke ‘s wish to see the Jedi disappear, as announced in the Star Wars trailer: The Last Jedi . Perhaps he discovered something that pushed him to question what he learned alongside Obi-Wan and Yoda.
But there is another hypothesis that can be emitted. For some, it could just as well be … the Journal des Whills ! If you’ve seen Star Wars: Rogue One , the name ” Whills ” should tell you something . In the mythology of the intergalactic saga, it refers to very ancient beings who would have had a very powerful connection with the Force, far more than that which unites them to the Jedi. As for the concept of the Journal of the Whills, it emerged at the very beginning of the creation of the universe of Star Wars , at the time when George Lucas intended to use it as an instrument to link the galaxy very, very distant and fictitious to our world real. It was supposed to contain the knowledge and knowledge of the Whills. And as these are mentioned through the characters of Chirrut and Baze in Star Wars: Rogue One , they might as well reappear in the films of the new trilogy. And why not, through this book? Of course, these are only hypotheses and ultimately its usefulness and significance may be quite different. Especially as the hand that sweeps the blanket does not look too much like Luke’s. In fact, if we observe it, it looks more like belonging to Maz Kanata, who gave us the impression of knowing a lot about the Force in Episode VII. What is certain, in any case, is that this book is not insignificant and that it will have an impact on the course of Rey in the continuation of the trilogy! In your opinion, what is this book about?