Star Wars The Last Jedi: Who is Rose, the new character of Kelly Marie Tran?

Cinema 14 April, 2017

At the Star Wars Celebration panel, Kelly Marie Tran came to give some details about her new character: Rose.
If we can not wait to see Rey, Poe, Finn and Luke Skywalker next December, new characters will also appear and they will also excite us. Like the character of Benicio Del Toro, who according to the latest theory is a man by the name of DJ and is a smuggler from the malfamous corners of the galaxy. Or the character of Laura Dern, who according to the last details about his role , would be a leading character of the Resistance. Speaking of the Resistance, we can add another member to the cast, played by Kelly Marie Tran ( XOXO , About a Boy ). Currently present on the panel of Star Wars Celebration, the actress came to give some details about his character, Which is called Rose. “She is part of the Resistance and she works for maintenance and I really look forward to meeting her,” described her Kelly Marie Tran. And obviously, his role will be rather important in this eighth episode!
The director Rian Johnson has indeed expressed himself on the character of Rose, describing it in particular as “a remarkable member of the Resistance” . “She is not a soldier, she is not trying to be a hero and she finds herself thrown in a very important way in one of the adventures of this film, with Finn ,” he added. Could Finn and Rose team up on the famous secret mission of our old Stormtrooper? The latter, in effect, was on an infiltration mission, on a First Order ship, and more precisely on one of these mortals Super Star Destroyer, in order to destroy it from the inside by planting explosives. A member of the Resistance who knows mechanics, like that of Rose, Could be very useful in this kind of mission! In any case, one thing is for sure, Rose will have a rather important role in Star Wars: The Last Jedi and so it is a character to follow! And you what do you think ?