Star Wars The Last Jedi: Will Luke Skywalker be a good teacher for Rey?

Cinema 12 May, 2017

In The Reveil of the Force Rey is in search of Luke Skywalker to return to the heart of the fight. Is this the right teacher for her?
May the Force be with them! Fans are waiting impatiently for the movie release of Star Wars The Last Jedi to discover FINALLY the encounter between Rey and Luke, two characters who should go through many events together. If Daisy Ridley recently announced that the first moments between these two characters would not necessarily be easy in Star Wars The Last Jedi , we remain convinced that Luke is the PERFECT teacher for Rey and we explain to you why. If you are Star Wars fans, you are not unaware that the two characters have much in common, especially in how they grew away from their family on desert planets. In search of their roots, They both undergo complicated and painful trials, touched very closely by the dark side of the Force. A professor who understands where his pupil comes from, is not he?
Another factor that makes us think that Luke will be a good teacher is that he knows what he is talking about. He himself has a strong connection with the Force and has to fight against the dark side and then kill his father to try to restore the balance. Even if Rey has already lived a lot and managed to face Kylo Ren, Luke can teach him additional things and if he decides to leave his cave and join forces with his new student, things can really become very very Interesting! Finally Luke, whose evolution should be at the heart of the plot of Star Wars The Last Jedi , can teach Rey how to accept the two sides of the Force that are fighting in it, instead of exploiting one thoroughly And to fear the other. Rey could thus embody the “