Star Wars: The Saga in 10 Cult Replicas!

Cinema 4 May, 2017

May the 4th be with you! On the occasion of the Star Wars Day, melty had fun to list the best replicas of the saga, from Han Solo to Dark Vader, through Leia and Yoda!
There are moments like that in life, where we would like to get out the right answer. The one that falls, the one that has the class, the one that makes one laugh or the one that manages to silence the person in front. In the movies, they are pretty good for that. So good also that some of these replicas end up in popular culture and then if you do not know them, you are either: a looser or … a looser! Or someone who never leaves home, does not watch TV, does not go on the Internet … in short, a hermit. But back to our sheep: the replicas of cinema. In this register, there is a saga in particular that everyone knows at least a replica: the Star Wars saga, of course! Between the gates of Princess Leia, the humor of Han Solo, The proverbs made in Yoda or the revelations that kill Dark Vader, of which Rey could well be the reincarnation in Star Wars 8 , there is clearly the choice! And like today, it’s May the 4th , aka Star Wars Day, we thought to Melty that it would be nice to remember the best replicas of the saga of George Lucas .