Stars of Sport 2017, day 1 : When the cast of “Saturday Night Fever” made dancing Camille Lacourt and dozens of champions – Gala

Entertainment 16 December, 2017


Each year for the past 16 years, at the end of December, the Stars of the Sport bring together champions of all sports disciplines, as well as young hopefuls who could be the athletes of tomorrow. This Friday, December 15, began the edition 2017.

It had to be early to not miss the start of the Stars of the Sport editions 2017 : the appointment is taken at 7: 45 am Paris gare de Lyon, so that nobody misses the train expected… an hour later. No absences to report during the starting signal sounded : the sports and the sports are there. Camille Lacourt, Gwladys Epangue, or even Tony Estanguet, who arrived later in the day, all and all are met·e·s for this unique event which allows the athletes to take advantage of La Plagne and to meet outside of the competitions, without their inherent stress.

The aim of the event created by Sebastien Foucras and Benoit Eycken : the athletes share their experiences and knowledge, between them and with the generations of tomorrow, as well as with the artists who joined them for a few days. And it starts on the hats of wheel, after the arrival at the end of almost five hours by train and bus : a football game is organised, for all the world meets (this is the opportunity to admire the prowess of Camille Lacourt, who came without her daughter, Jazz, in the cages). The champions both heard, however, are not yet at the rendezvous – Youri Djorkaeff, Alain Boghossian and Laurent Blanc, world champions in 98, will give their master classes Tuesday 19 December – but the good mood and the pleasure of effort forging the first links between the sports and the athletes who were lucky enough to be invited to the Stars of the Sport. These links will narrow a few hours later on the dance floor : after a show-galvanizing from the cast of Saturday Night Fever, led by Gwendal Marimoutou, Flo Malley and Stephan Paddy, everyone ended up on the dancefloor to celebrate the first day of the event. But be careful not to sleep too late : tomorrow things are getting serious, with notably the arrival of Denis Brogniart for a few sporting events, the attractions of Koh Lanta.

Photo credits : Sipa

Camille Lacourt

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