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Entertainment 19 December, 2017


Mid-term for the Stars of the Sport, including the 16th edition to take place in La Plagne. Sports and sports of high level, Camille Lacourt, Marie-José Pérec passing by Laurent Blanc, took advantage of the event and the fresh snow of the station… even if they must also sometimes deal with it.

Sports and sports had set their alarm clock early for the third day of the Stars of the Sport in 2017. In the morning we had the Yeti Race, an event open to the public, a race of 9km in the mountain with different obstacles – rifle shooting, obstacle course, or even a small test sawing of logs. Performed in pairs, this course always strengthens the bonds between the athletes, who despite their physical fitness to the end still in pain because of the altitude and the difficulty of running in the snow.

For the participants, and the participants of the Yeti Race can bring peace of mind, the evening after an afternoon of rest was placed under the sign of humor, by two times. Michèle Laroque, used of the Stars of the Sport, came to present a preview of his film, Brilliant, which sees it take on for the first time the cap of director (and in which plays his daughter, Oriane). There had never been previous projection of movie Stars ; athletes and sports applauded without restraint this comedy, adapted from a theatre piece.

The other reason to laugh was the evening that followed, placed under the sign of fairy tales, and heroes and heroines of childhood : the Club Med la Plagne, which hosts the event, has seen through the disguises, the basketball player Emmeline Ndongue in Catwoman to Marie-José Pérec in india, passing by a few Minnie and a bunch of Robin hood and Jedi (well helped by the accessories supplied by the Club Med). Masks and costumes helped each and every one to be let go without any shame up to the end of the night…

Photo credit : KMSP/Jean-Marie Hervio

Michèle Laroque

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