Steaks contaminated : the chief executive officer of SEB sentenced to two years in prison

Health 27 June, 2017


Published the 27.06.2017 at 12h48


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The penalty is heavy, but at the height of the damage. The former manager of SEB has been sentenced to three years imprisonment, of which two farms. It is recognized guilty of negligence which caused the poisoning of 18 people in June 2011. The health tests on the minced steak, sold by the company Lidl, were insufficient.

Guy Lamorlette, the former manager of SEB, will have to serve a prison sentence and pay a heavy fine. 50,000 euros will be paid, as well as damages to the victims. In addition to this penalty material, the man can no longer exercise of profession in the commercial and industrial sector.

The other defendant, former head of quality and hygiene of the company, has not been considered. The proceedings were terminated after his death, a week before the trial. The two men were prosecuted because they would have changed the standards of health control when they were in office, without informing the veterinary services.

Sequelae lourdes

Instead of systematically checking all lots, from meat and carcasses, the leaders had decided to conduct random checks. An easing of the unilateral rules, which had allowed the bacterium E. coli 0157H7, the strain responsible for the contamination, to pass between the meshes of the net.

Because of this release, 18 people were intoxicated by E. coli. Among them, fifteen children. One of them has been particularly affected. Today 8 year old, it is spastic to 90 %. Neurological damage, caused by the bacterium have also impaired his intellectual development.

Nolan is not the only victim to keep sequelae. Other young patients have developed hemolytic uremic syndrome. This achievement, which is rare in France, is often related to the diet and causes kidney failure.