Stephane Bern and Jean-Marc Morandini: the clash on Twitter

Entertainment 23 November, 2016

Stephane Bern lashed to Jean-Marc Morandini, this Tuesday 22 November, on Twitter, accusing him of having misquoted in an article in his blog. Between the two leaders, the tone is quickly mounted.

bern-morandiniAt the source of the quarrel an article . ” Stéphane Bern, furious against the leaders of France TV: they have power but they are ignorant! ‘ ‘ Headlined the Tuesday, November 22 blog Jean-Marc Morandini. The article referred to a lecture given by Stephane Bern in Brussels about his show Secrets of History, he runs for nearly ten years. According to the blog of Morandini, the facilitator would have criticized the leadership of France Television during this encounter, labeling them ” ignorant “. The person’s anger is immediate, and gives birth to a genuine dispute.
” Yet the obsession buzz , writes Stéphane Bern on Twitter. I was talking about Secrets beginnings of history it was 10 years ago and difficulty explaining the historical figures. ” The journalist, who celebrated his birthday just a few days , was immediately supported by the director of France Television, Delphine Ernotte . ” Stop buzz and Stéphane thank you! ” She tweeted.