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Entertainment 24 August, 2017


Stéphane Bern raises an incredible amount of feedback since the last issue of Paris Match which he made with his friend, Lionel. And for good reason, this is only the second time in nearly twenty years that the weekly shows a gay couple on its cover.

Stéphane Bern has formalized its new relationship. In a relationship with Lionel for almost a year, the friend of the stars has chosen the one of Paris Match , to reveal the face of his companion and deliver a few details of their intimacy. An initiative that earned him a rain of applause from the web users and a few personalities such as Marc-Olivier Fogiel. Questioned by the Express, Stéphane Bern, who did not expect obviously not as much feedback, said he was surprised : “We never self-same the importance of what we do is neither of the resonance (…) It is a banal story that the media seized on that, but I had no idea such a ruckus !

Historical fact, this is the second time in eighteen years that people magazine has been dedicating its coverage to a same-sex couple, after the tennis champion Amelie Mauresmo and his ex-girlfriend Sylvie Bourdon in 1999. A choice which offers greater visibility to the LGBT community and including Stéphane Bern says it is delighted : “in view of The reactions, I am happy that this trivialises the issue and can assist young people in search of their identity. Because the rate of suicide among teens, because of their sexual orientation often upsets me.


Stéphane Bern

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