Stephane Plaza, a scooter accident: The speeder was a hell toupee

Entertainment 5 December, 2016

The famous realtor fell on an illuminated.
stephane-plaza-stephane-plaza-recoitIn April 2015, Stéphane Plaza was the victim of a motorcycle accident . ” Returning representation scooter around midnight, I got hit by a car that made a U-turn without looking. Result, here I am with a broken metatarsal in his right foot ,” he had said.
Friday, December 2, the most famous real estate agent of France returned the incident to the microphone of Alessandra Sublet in the big leagues on Europe 1. And he made a stunning revelation.
The person who was toppled in effect had an unusual reaction after the accident. ” It’s a truck making a U-turn that strikes me on a scooter, I fall down and get up instead of the driver said to me: ‘ Wait Plaza sir, we do a selfie with you. ‘ It’s surreal ! “, has he revealed.
The poor man of 46 years has not even filed a complaint against the drunk driver because, indirectly, Benjamin Castaldi with whom he had been drinking that evening! He explains: ” I made overthrow, I was not at fault, but equal accident balloon blowing Bon bah, with two glasses there is, eh, we will not lie.. ”
Everything has a happy end for the facilitator to Search apartment or house and home for sale as it has since recovered from his injury and currently runs throughout France with his new play, The Fuse .