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Entertainment 20 December, 2017


If, at 47 years old, Stéphane Plaza has not founded a family, this is not for lack of time or by a stroke of fate : it is indeed by choice. The famous real estate agent and host tv show told in an interview to Tv Entertainment, explaining why he didn’t want the child.

We must often ask the question… at the age of 47, Stéphane Plaza seems to be a fulfilled man who all succeeds : he is every night in Hunters apartment’ on the M6, but also in House for sale, or still in Search apartment or house, his real estate agencies are flourishing… On the other hand, the side character, the famous real estate agent is not the father of the family. A detail which never ceases to intrigue his entourage.

In an interview given to Tv Entertainment on Wednesday, December 20, the facilitator, is rather modest when it comes to his private life, has finally lifted the veil on that part of her privacy. “Why don’t you child? “, asked the journalist, curious. “I have children, but not reported!”, first responds Stéphane Plaza jokingly. And then, much more seriously, the facilitator, who has always left doubt about his sexuality, explains the reason for his choice : It is because the company currently scares me, I think that having a child is a lot of responsibility. It is not just a desire. Do you have a child 2 years of age, 15 years, 25 years, 50 years, 60 years…The company makes me very, very afraid and I am worried. And as I’m concerned nature I am afraid to suffer.

The host star of M6, which was recently entrusted to you have been the victim of sexual harassment, refuses to raise a child in an environment he deems scary. Everything that happens in the world today is not reassuring, “he adds.What we see also in France is not reassuring. And I would be afraid to be too worried about it.” If he does not tell in detail what he considered to be particularly frightening in the current society, he asserts his refusal to be a father as a choice taken.

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