Stéphane Plaza has taken 8 pounds : “I just can’t seem to loose” – Gala

Entertainment 31 January, 2018


Invited to the microphone of the radio Europe 1 on Tuesday 30 January, Stéphane Plaza explained her sudden weight gain.

The facilitator’s flagship M6 channel came up with a few extra pounds during the special show “Research apartment or house” aired Tuesday, January 30. Indeed, as evidenced by the recent statements made by Stéphane Plaza, the latter would have taken a bit of weight these last few months. Interviewed on Europe 1 in the television show ” media Village “, the best friend of Karine The Dealer has explained the reasons of this metamorphosis.

In parallel to its activities in television, Stéphane Plaza is also a comedian. Has the poster of the theater play “The Fuse” directed by Arthur Jugnot and where it provides the reply to Arnaud Gidoin, the facilitator had to make a few pounds to embody the character of Paul, a business man 45 years old who loses his memory before a radical change of life alongside his friend Michel was a devoted but very blundering : “Arnaud Gidoin has asked me to take a little bit of weight to make a comic effect. Eight pounds exactly, but I don’t loose in fact. I am trying to loose but it will not restart, ” he explained.

Those few extra pounds do not seem to have shocked viewers during the broadcast of the show on Tuesday 30 January : “I love it “,” I like it too Stéphane Plaza “, one can read on the social networks.

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