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Entertainment 2 January, 2018

Bernard Tapie

Bernard Tapie fight against stomach cancer. The business man is supported by his family, including his children stephen and Sophia, who bring immeasurable love and unwavering support to their father.

I did not want to leave” . On November 18, Bernard Tapie is entrusted to Laurent Delahousse during an interview aired on France 2. The business man was on the cancer of the stomach, which weakens it. Sick but lucid, he didn’t hide that his time may well come… ” When one is 70 years old and more, it is necessary to accept that at some point we will have to go to the ultimate test that is death , “he explained. “For me, this is not a disaster, I lived in an incredible way, great, lucky. I have known moments of happiness unimaginable, I have a family, after 42 years with the same woman. My children are all in good health, my grandchildren too,” continued the former minister under François Mitterrand.

Bernard Tapie is fighting in spite of everything, and is continuing his treatment, supported by his family, a true rock. On the occasion of the New Year, her daughter Sophie has posted a message deeply moving and full of hope on instagram, in the caption to a photo of the singer of 29 years alongside his dad. “Happy new year ! We will continue to beat us in 2018 ! “she wrote, including the hashtag “fuck cancer” . The eldest son of the business man, Stéphane Tapie, has re-published this photo on his Twitter account on Monday 1st January. “Love my dad and my family. (I love my father and my family, editor’s note) That God protect them “, he stated, accompanying his message of hearts and hands joined in prayer.

In response, the subscribers of Stéphane Tapie have served all of their support. “Thoughts Stephane for all the family. I kiss you,” writes the host of Koh-Lanta Denis Brogniart. “There is that health is the spice of life ! So this is what I wish for the whole family especially for your dad… I embrace you all very strong,” “I wish you a sweet and beautiful year 2018, we loose nothing and we are praying very hard for your dad, courage, I embrace you very strong, “” Wish a good year to the boss of my part… We will love him enough for what he has allowed to live. Go to the OM “, “Hold on boss ! For many you have been an example and an inspiration. We have been able to forgive an error, and we retain the best talent, the energy, the leadership, the enthusiasm. So many exceptional qualities which will help you in this fight,” one can read.

Love my dad and my family ❤️🙏🙏 That god will protect 🙏🙏 ❤️❤️

— Stéphane Tapie (@TapieStephane) January 1, 2018

Photo credits : MAX COLIN / BESTIMAGE

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