Stephanie of Monaco and her daughter Camille Gottlieb moved to his side …

Entertainment 29 November, 2016

The youngest of three children of the princess attended his mother Monday to deploy appalling “quilts” …
princesse-stephanie-de-monacoInspired by an American movement, the quilts operation is a tribute to the lives lost to AIDS. Each quilt consists of eight webs sewn together, on a surface of 4×4 meters. Each is a tribute to the dead. Since 1987, worldwide, are deployed these patchworks of memory to allow the living to understand the gravity and extent of the epidemic. Very committed to the fight against AIDS, including through its foundation Fight Aids Monaco , Stephanie of Monaco deploys these quilts for the sixth year in the principality. Monday, November 28, 2016, she was supported by her youngest daughter Camille Gottlieb.
Daughter of Jean-Raymond Gottlieb, Camille celebrated her 18th birthday there a few months. Face perhaps less known than its big brother Louis Ducruet, dashing young man of just 24 years old , in love with the beautiful Marie , or her big sister, Pauline Ducruet , student mode, Camille Gottlieb was previously more reserved. Still, on October 15, it was she that her uncle Albert of Monaco chose to accompany visiting biological Festival of the Principality , as part of the Route of Taste, 2016.
With his mother, Camille Gottlieb shares the love of animals – we saw express her anger when an old photo of footballer Pascal Omelta before a dead elephant safari resurfaced. And probably today Stephanie tries to convey his desire to fight AIDS by taking him to the sixth deployment ceremony in memory quilts AIDS victims, the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco. With their red escapes, Camille and Stephanie discovered these huge colorful quilts and the names of those who have left us. The serious face, the mother and daughter were surrounded gathered many personalities, like Stephane Valeri, Government Counsellor for Social Affairs and Health, to eight quilts.
In a short interview with Monaco-Matin , Stephanie certainly determined in his fight, could not contain his excitement: ” It’s very emotional We are here to remember those who died in the physical suffering. and often in mental suffering, abandonment, isolation. We show them today that we are there, we support without judging them. Even if they are no longer on this earth … “and the princess make a sad statement on the fight against AIDS is not doing very well in her ” . It is important to take action because, nowadays, no one does anything in the neighboring countries, we talk a little on TV, and that’s it. HIV is a forgotten cause. Monaco is a small country but it does much more than large countries in terms of information, awareness, education. and the day of today is made to remember that HIV exists, that HIV kills, it hits every day, regardless of social class, religion, ethnicity or skin color. ” Stephanie finally recalls the importance of screening and condom two days of the World Day of fight against AIDS, on 1 December.