Still Star-Crossed: Episode 2, Benvolio in love with Rosaline? The promo video!

Cinema 31 May, 2017

The new series of Shonda Rhimes (creator of Gray’s Anatomy and Scandal) started this Monday on ABC! Convinced by the first episode? Prepare for the second!
The Still Star Crossed season 1 driver was aired this week and our verdict has fallen ! The overall opinion after only one episode is rather mixed. This series made in Shondaland retraces the mythical history of Romeo and Juliet imagining a sequel to the tragic death of the two lovebirds . In this first episode, we attend in an accelerated way the encounter, the marriage and the suicide of Romeo and Juliet. All Shakespeare’s novel takes place in 20 minutes … A little fast, right? Once the bases are laid, the plot becomes more interesting! The city of Verona is in danger and the war continues between Montaigu and Capulet. To solve this problem, the prince found nothing better than to order Rosaline Capulet, Marry Benvolio Montaigu while the flashbacks clearly show that Rosaline and the Prince are in love. How many broken destinies in this new Shakespearean drama period ! What does the suite hold?
The second episode promo video is just as tempting! The action that was missing in the first episode will not miss the second, apparently! Tension is always palpable between Montaigu and Capulet while Rosaline and Benvolio are united for a so-called peace . The bride does not lose the north by joining her lover, the Prince just after the ceremony. You do not find that Benvolio seems to pinch a little for his little wife? We did not do it to us! At all times, these two will eventually appreciate over time, especially as the Prince must make a choice between love and power! C ‘ Is still the war in Verona and we expect the next episode next Monday on ABC to give us an opinion on what is worth the new series of Shonda Rhimes! Meanwhile, discover the series not to be missed this summer !