Still Star-Crossed: Soon cancellation for the new series of Shonda Rhimes (Gray’s Anatomy)?

Cinema 26 June, 2017

The new ABC series, Still Star-Crossed: hardly time to make a place that it could pass to the hatch!

Everyone knows the tragic story of Romeo and Juliet … But what about the sequel? In what state was the city of Verona between the clan Capulet and the clan Montaigu … This is exactly what the new series of Shonda Rhimes ( Gray’s Anatomy ) wanted to show us. But after only 3 episodes aired on ABC, Still Star-Crossed is already in bad shape. The broadcast of the series has been staggered from Monday to Saturday, and this is not good sign! It seems that the series is not unanimous and could soon find itself in oblivion … The series, signed Shonda Rhimes, will it be canceled?
And yes, this is not very good news for Still Star-Crossed that does not rally the crowds. Audiences are fairly weak for the first three episodes of Season 1: Only 1.9 million viewers, and an average of 0.4 among adults aged 18 to 49 … Even the flagship show, “The Bachelorette “, Aired shortly before it fails to hold viewers until the next program . The series made in Shondaland will therefore be moved to Saturday on the channel ABC , which suggests a possible cancellation. We suspected a little since the broadcast of the show has been delayed to the maximum since the beginning of the school year … We will know more by next month, Whether the actors will be re-run for a second season or if Still Star-Crossed will be permanently canceled. A little loose for Shonda Rhimes, flagship producer of ABC, who had also seen her new series of last year, The Catch , canceled after 2 seasons. Like what, everything does not succeed!