Stop by the blue lights on electronic devices

Health 24 October, 2017


Published the 24.10.2017 at 18h18


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The French spend on average four hours per day in front of their screens. Tablets, e-readers, smartphones and computers are no longer regarded as televisions. But all these devices release blue light. It comes from the LEDs, these small diodes which are used in the composition of the screens. Risk of myopia, sleep disorders, or hyperactivity in the child, the blue light is associated with many disorders.

Face it, some people choose to protect themselves. Many opticians offer prescription glasses with a protective filter. Of smartphone manufacturers have created a light adaptable. Apple has launched its system nightshift, which turns yellow, the light of the screen. Twilight on Android works on the same principle. Some brands of computers are also installed in their machine tool for adjusting the level of blue light.

Filters stickers against the blue light

A startup company has specialized in the manufacture of this kind of filters, adapted to the screens of computers, tablets or smartphones. It has put in place a filter system that is glued directly on the screen of the device. According to Christelle Hutch of Kokoon Project, ” this allows you to filter up to 100% of the blue light on the most computers. There, where the glasses do not filter as 50% “.

It is, in fact, a product applied on the plastic film that helps make barrier to these rays of light. A system which meets a strong success. “We communicated on our products at the end of September, ten days, we realized on the sales of a month integer ” points out Christelle Hutch… but the company sells only on the internet. Difficult today to switch screens !