Stranger Things : a central character of the series would have had to die

Cinema 31 October, 2018






It is autumn, it’s grey, it’s cold, plus it is Halloween. In short, it is the perfect time to subdue the Stranger Things. Or rather, remater, because season 3 will not happen before several months.

Yeah, it is a bit of a void when the same, having regard to the period, we would have watched the new adventures of Eleven and his buddies Hawkins in a day at this time. But it’s going to have to take his evil in patience, since season 3 of Stranger Things will not be broadcast until the summer of 2019. It is sad, but it is like that. Not the choice.



That said, not a question of being lacks as a book (in English) will be released this November 1st in bookstores and that it should we learn lots of secrets about the series of the brothers Duffer : Stranger Things : Worlds turned Upside Down. Our colleagues from Vanity Fair have managed to obtain the book prior to its publication, which contains at least one big revelation : the character of Eleven had to die at the origin.

In fact, Ross Duffer admits in the book, that at the end of the first season, the character played by Millie Bobby Brown was not to survive his battle against Demogorgon :


Eleven stay ?


“Eleven was going to sacrifice himself to save everyone. But when it was realized that the show was going to potentially last more than one season, we had to change our strategy because we knew that the series was not going to work without it. And at that time we knew how Millie was special. It had to be that Eleven is alive in order to have more of Stranger Things.”

A decision is the most logical, especially when we see the character development in season 2, and ce that this promises for the rest of the adventure. But Eleven was not to be the only one to finish the feet-first as you learn also that the character of Steve would also have had to pass on it.


A beautiful head of winner


“The character of Steve was supposed to be a pure asshole. But we fell in love with his actor, Joe Keery.”

Here, too, a wise choice, as Steve has established itself as one of the strong characters of this universe and probably the one that has evolved as the most important and the most surprising. Only remains, therefore, that an editor had the good idea to translate the book in French to learn more about the behind the scenes (which will happen for sure) and that one finds something to occupy us here at the broadcast of season 3, next summer.