Stranger Things: Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) wants to play in The Walking Dead!

Cinema 15 November, 2016

Millie Bobby Brown has amazed us in Stranger Things but it is in a different series she would like to play: The Walking Dead!

stranger-things-saison-2-netflix-eleven-retourIt never ceases to amaze us! While we have recently obtained confirmation that Millie Bobby Brown would resume his role Eleven in season 2 of Stranger Things , actress never ceases to amaze us. She completely conquered us when we discovered in the skin of this young girl victim of strange governmental experiences in the proposed series on Netflix . Now, like the rest of the talented young cast, she is preparing to conquer the world and achieve some career dreams. One of them turns out quite surprising! Indeed, during a panel dedicated to Stranger Things at Comic Con in Rhode Island , Millie Bobby Brown expressed his great interest in another series knew a huge success: The Walking Dead . The question is whether it would come face to Rick or side Negan!
When the question was put to him, she replied: “I tried everything to play in The Walking Dead I do not care if I’m a zombie … And I know Negan is here today.” . Suffice to say that it does not seem to be afraid of the big bad! It remains to discover whether Robert Kirkman and production of The Walking Dead, for which we dévoilions you the video promo of the episode 5 of Season 7 , will respond to this call pretty foot! For us there is no doubt it could camp a young girl very scary in the series! The idea was enough to leave us dreaming. Would like to discover the actress in The Walking Dead?