Stranger Things : the season 3 unveils the title of its episodes in a new teaser

Cinema 10 December, 2018






Huge surprise success in 2016, Stranger Things quickly became a staple, to the point, moreover, to participate in the return of the 80’s. And for that, we do not tell him thank you. But we love it anyway.

Because the 80’s, they were very well where they were, that is to say, far in the past. Those who have experienced them are well aware that this was not necessarily the decade, the more cavorting that the modern world has known. Especially after the 70’s very rock and roll, good flower power, good libertarians.

The 80 years, from the election of Ronald Reagan, it was still the decade of the ultra-liberalism to the american, dibs for dibs on an industrial scale, the crisis of video game of 1983, the hostages in Lebanon and especially, especially, the shoulder pads in the blouses.


Crap of the 80’s


But hey, what do you want, the nostalgia is powerful, particularly among those who have not experienced this period , and who find a charm that it’s hard to understand the top of our seat of an old fart. Still, Stranger Things, it proved a massive hit and if the second season was a little more varied in qualitative terms, we are still super keen to discover the following kids of Hawkins.

Especially that there, it’s going to happen in 1985, in the middle of summer and the season 3 should we reserve some surprises by changing a bit in its formula. At least that is what we said from the beginning. If the broadcast date is not yet unveiled, the series is expected to arrive in the summer of 2019 on Netflix. Therefore, it is more than time to discover a little bit more, and it is this that we are proposing today a teaser has just been put online.



No picture of the show but the generic boost of Stranger Things still as effective and, above all, the title of the different episodes. A marketing strategy that is quite surprising, as one might call big spoiler, except that, taken out of context, these titles do we argue not really. Here they are :

Suzie, you made me get ?

Like rats

The master-swimmer disappeared

The sauna

The source

The anniversary

The bite

The battle of Starcourt

Eight episodes, therefore, we already know that they will give us a big shopping centre already seen in the promo-shifted of the series, and this time, the story should we get out a lot of the city of Hawkins. In short, the hype settles gently and we can’t wait to learn more.