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Entertainment 30 January, 2018


As a result of serious health problems, Stromae moved away from the music scene. The singer from leaking, however, not his fans, when at a street corner, they ask him to pose for a souvenir photo. Pictures posted then on social networks, widely commented on by people who don’t like obviously not the new look of the artist.

In recent months, Stromae has been very rare on the social networks. For his news, he had to go on the account Instagram of her wife, Coralie Barbier to know if the singer was better. On the 8th January last, the stylist had posted a nice photo of her husband in a pool, enjoying visibly a few days of holidays. A rest well deserved for the young singer, who was recently revealed to be suffering severe health problems after taking a medicine against malaria. A worrying state of health that was far away the media star.

Fans of the star belgian can also rely on the internet for news of their idol. Recently, the belgian singer took the pose with some of them. The singer appeared visibly in shape, very smiling, but … changed. Indeed, Stromae has opted for a new look capillary. The interpreter Papaoutai wears long hair, very long and not tied. A new look, which has surprised the users. Many do not understand why the young mother is as much to let the hair grow, seeming to forget the address of his hairdresser.

The style of Stromae I am in tears it became IBD 😭

— bkr (@Buraaak) January 25, 2018

RT for stromae
FAV for karine le marchand

— arthur (@J_Attali_) January 26, 2018

Stromae with the long hair… I’m… shocked…

— Andeer🗝 (@requiemforcello) January 29, 2018

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