Stromae changes (yet) look and adopts the braided bun

Entertainment 1 December, 2016

The Belgian singer Stromae was a hit Wednesday night while attending the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, by sporting a new haircut very original: a braided bun.

stromaeThere are two weeks he proudly wore an afro . This-time Stromae opted for braids, he brought in a bun on the top of the skull . A bold hairstyle that sublime his androgynous look, and has had great success Wednesday night at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. The Belgian singer was among the first celebrities to arrive at the show of the prestigious American brand underwear, held at the Grand Palais in Paris.
Lately, the interpreter of Papaoutai appears to be launched in a series of original hair experiments. Previously, he was satisfied with a classic cut very short. But today, no question of curbing his beautiful curls. Braided or released, the singer has finally adopted the long hair .
When Victoria’s Secret fashion show, star of French song was accompanied by his wife, Coralie Barbier . Nothing very surprising given that Madame is a recognized designer in Belgium. The couple is always present when it comes attend major fashion events of the moment.