Stromae “I do not at all want to sing”

Entertainment 2 December, 2016

Just six years after his first album, Cheese , Stromae would have enough to sing? In any case what he says, cryptically, with our colleagues in Inrocks .

stromaeIs a story that may not please everyone. Stromae wants to stop the scene indefinitely. ” Singing, I do not feel like ,” he admitted in an interview with Inrocks. Yet its success is undeniable. With his album Square Root which has sold two million copies in France , Stromae made a record. The disc , released in stores in 2013, has earned him a diamond disc for the fourth time in his young career.
But after the excitement generated by this album, Stromae wants to step back. ” It’s not the holidays, but the pace is much healthier, I take more distance. It’s a real pleasure to work in a more reasonable manner , “he said in the interview.
It’s not as long as the Belgian wants to end his career. Rather, he wants something else. ” But music, I do not stop to make , he says again in the pages of the weekly. I want to write, compose, but a little more in the shade. Continue the work we have already done for me, but do it for others. This is the line for the next few years. ” The time also, perhaps, to focus on the other great love of his life with music: the designer Coralie Barber , whom he married a year ago.