Stuff essential to my life that I learned through Netflix series

Cinema 7 December, 2016

Since I said yes to Netflix and it accompanies a lot of my evenings, I learned a lot of basic stuff about life in general …

Your fingers half-paralyzed and your red-faced siskin are categorical: it freezes the ass right now. The excuse to chill the maiz ‘with the best friend of modern man: Netflix . Much more than entertainment provider, enough fat catalog series platform has taught me a few lessons pretty precious lives , which I share with you here.
Luke Cage
– Treat your best friends as your brothers (because in reality, it is possible that this is really your brothers and it skids in a few years)
Luke Cage stryker
“Am I my brother’s keeper?”
– Stay humble as Luke Cage, who instead of becoming a champion boxer or football US with his powers, prefers to sweep in a hair salon
Luke netflix cage
“Bring me bleach and mop around here”
– You can bet on fights between prisoners released on the Net. I got nothing 50eu last night …
luke cage netflix
At the suspense is not against ouf by
– Nurses really do a great taf
Luke clear cage temple
I would like to provide the same medical follow-up with me …
– Sooner or later, your mother and your wife will compete for the title of “Woman of Your Life”
samurai sword china
Hands off my man
– A man who wants to break must wear his shirt tucked in
narcos pablo escobar netflix
At the top of the swag …
– I now have a compelling argument when I negotiate an increase with my boss
Pablo escobar narcos
“Silver or Lead”
– I know to express my affection Spanish #NarcosSpanishLessons
wagner moura pablo escobar netflix narcos
Wagner Moura plays Teachers
– Never put the cover with an ex
netflix daredevil elektra
Elektra = False Good Idea
– Now when j’croise any blind in the streets, suspicious j’le manage martial arts scred night. So, I not help him to cross the road this mytho
Daredevil netflix
“I’m toast”
– We can do mass kills as The Punisher and still elicit some sympathy
Dardevil the punisher
The anti-hero par excellence
– When you got problems with Fisk, it’s difficult to rid yourself
daredevil wilson fisk
It is worse than a rap-all …
Stranger Things
– When the lights are flashing, it stinks ass
scared scared cat
Cat will not do it …
– The schoolgirls always prefer kékés that the recount
Stranger things
You know you got beautiful eyes you
Jessica Jones
– Although Veronica Mars had already put a flea in the ear, I now know that private detectives are not all big hat bald wearing suspenders always with a newspaper under the elbow
Jessica Jones netflix
Hard to resist …
– Beware of your neighbors as ever, they are surely going to watch you at a time when I’m talking to
jessica jones malcolm
“Yes I can confirm he has a heart of stone”
House of Cards
– Life is still much easier when you lie
House of cards kevin spacey
“You really doubt it?”
– A woman who really wants the welfare of her husband permitted to have ONS
zoe house of cards
“See you on the subway my heart”
Sense 8
– Van Damme is still revered in some parts of the globe
sense8 netflix van damme
This bus is unbreakable
– Love in the turfu, it will be orgies in connection sharing
sense8 netflix
Fold into 8
Orange is The New Black
– Women are definitely less likely on fighting the guys
Orange is the new black
Day to prison
– I know to express my affection in Spanish (Vol.2)
Netflix narcos
Spanish LV2
– Sooner or later, you pay for your sins
Netflix orange is the new black
When you realize that the orange is not to your complexion