Suffering from endometriosis and advanced, Enora Malagré has decided to remove the uterus

Health 30 December, 2017

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Published the 28.12.2017 at 17h21
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Long taboo, endometriosis gradually comes to the front of the stage, notably thanks to the courage of young women who talk about it, as Enora Malagré.
The columnist of the Key not at my post, it was entrusted, in an interview with the journal Paris Match, have decided to remove the uterus because of endometriosis a chronic disease that has caused much suffering and several miscarriages. A calvary that she is not alone to endure in France.

Suffering at the time of the rules

Pain in the pelvis and abdomen, for the rules, sometimes after sex, the symptoms of endometriosis are very disabling for the 10 to 15 % of women who suffer from it. This chronic disease can, also, cause infertility in 25 to 50% of cases.
For those who persevere and manage to be pregnant, the fight is not over : the pregnancies of women who have suffered from endometriosis are risky, according to the results of a large meta-analysis, the results of which are published in the journal Fertility and sterility.

An analysis on more than 2 million women

In reaching this conclusion, the researchers reviewed data from 24 studies on pregnancy and endometriosis with a total of more than 2 million women suffering from the disease. Together, these studies suggest that the risk of premature birth and miscarriage are higher. Pregnancies lead more often to a poor positioning of the placenta (placenta praevia), and caesarean sections. The new-born babies have a birth weight lower.
Previous studies on endometriosis and the pregnancy had rendered conflicting results, but meta-analysis helps clarify things. A major element in favour of a early care.

A delay in diagnosis detrimental to the prognosis

Then that one woman out of ten at least is suffering from this gynecological disease, doctors are between 6 and 8 years before the diagnosis. A late source of intense suffering to rehearsal for the sick. In women with endometriosis, the endometrium, the tissue that lines normally inside the uterus, develops into the fallopian tubes and may also reach the ovaries, and even spread to the urinary tract or digestive system and throughout the belly. However, at each period of menstruation, if there is no fertilization, the tissue innervated and vascularized, which developed during the first part of the cycle in order to promote the implantation of a fertilized egg, crumbly, and must be eliminated.

France in late

Unfortunately, these pain at time of menstruation, which usually appear in adolescence, alert yet few doctors. The disease has time to spread, cause damage and will eventually affect directly the fertility of women. Approximately 40% of women having difficulty conceiving their child suffer from endometriosis. Disastrous consequences so that early treatment could halt the progression of the disease.

In France, the High Authority of health planned to publish by December, its first set of recommendations of good practices for the management of this disease… We are still waiting.