Suicide Squad: Mark Hamill gives his opinion on the performance of Jared Leto in Joker

Cinema 20 November, 2016

suicide-squad-photo-jared-leto-jockerAdored by some, appreciated by others and openly questioned by many, the Joker Suicide Squad was a lot about him and even Luke Skywalker.

That Suicide Squad has pleased the public or not, the Joker is one of the characters who made much ink, so that the viewer side of the press through the casting itself. And today is Mark Hamill , aka Luke Skywalker our famous who want to review the matter.

While he was speaking from the site Polygon, the actor has found the best answer to stop the controversy. According to the article, said Hamill would ” have loved the performance of [ Jared Leto ], adding that he had never seen an interpretation of the Joker that makes him say ‘it’s horrible! ‘” It would be even went further, insisting that the role of the Joker can not be attributed to a single actor as many people might think:

” Each brings a different vision of this character. I do not think there is a final version of the Joker and I do not think he can have one. It’s like Hamlet, really. This will be forever redefined . ”

So Mark Hamill does not consider that the real Joker cinema would be the one played by Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight Nolan. He thinks not it could be that of Jack Nicholson in Tim Burton. And so finally, it was he who was right and it was enough to stop comparing the Joker?