Suits Season 6: Episode 11, Harvey and Louis try to accept the departure of Jessica, our critic!

Cinema 27 January, 2017

While episode 11 of season 6 of Suits has just been broadcast on USA, let us return together on the main events that marked “PSL”!
Time to choose! And yes the meltynauts, after several weeks of absence and Jessica’s heartbreaking departure at the end of the first part of the season, our heroes had to continue to advance without her in an episode where everyone was faced with his responsibilities. While the editorial ‘of melty wondered if Rachel would also leave the firm in episode 11 of season 6 Suits , back in detail on key events in “PSL” aired last night on USA . And the least that can be said is that Jessica’s departure clearly shook Harvey who finds himself unable to make the necessary decisions to keep the firm on track. Passive, sad, desperate limit, Harvey is in a pitiful state and seeing him like that breaks our hearts. Especially since no one really made it easier for him. Between Louis who takes the worst of ways to prove his skills and Mike who decides to turn to him at the most difficult moment for him, our Harvey had something to feel bad. Suffice to say that we would have loved that the first scene of Winter Premiere has proved true as Harvey seemed pleased and appeased alongside Donna . In spite of everything, our pretty redhead – if not her girlfriend – is always as insightful and it is certain that the return of the mother of Harvey in her life should offer us a storyline as solid as upsetting.
For his part, Mike also had to make choices. Would he definitely say goodbye to the law and accept that this period was gone or was he going to fight to make his dream come true? And in our opinion, he has not yet found the answer to this question even if seeing him teach young people was absolutely delightful. Mike has this deeply human and empathic side that makes him a formidable teacher. If he could not embrace this career, our finger tells us it should probably come back a little later in the season . One thing is certain, despite his good intentions, Harvey has greatly compromised the wishes of our hero who will now have to fight like a good devil if he ever wants to start working in this sector again. Fortunately, the young man can count on the support of Rachel who never ceases to prove that she wants the best for Mike. However, Rachel is also in doubt.
Remaining in the firm would greatly compromise his chances of accomplishing himself in the trade while working with his father would allow him to completely change the situation. And while the episode played skilfully on the possibility that Rachel could drop everyone for her own benefit, a small rescue of Gretchen restored the order of things. Finally, Louis was in a very uncomfortable position in this episode proving once again that his lack of maturity made him a really incoherent candidate to replace Jessica. And we would have been so happy that this departure could have triggered a real awareness in him. Unfortunately, Louis is not yet able to pass the good of the firm before his. Nean, and like Donna, we’re not sure that Harvey is in the best position to do that. But with the judicious advice of the pretty redhead, nothing seems intolerable. In short, Suits offered us a very good entry and put all these characters at the foot of the wall. Solid, captivating, sometimes even destabilizing, the series knows how to surprise us and above all knows how to touch us. Strongly the next week ! Pending more information, see our report on the first part of the season 6 of Suits on melty. What did you think of this episode?