Suits Season 6: Episode 13, Harvey makes a tantalizing proposal to Mike, Our critic

Cinema 10 February, 2017

Last night, the American channel USA Network broadcast the episode 13 of season 6 of Suits. Then discover our review of “Teeth, Nose, Teeth” as well as the promotional video of the next episode.
“I’m in” … These three little words remind us especially the end of season 4 of The Good Wife and we admit to be at least equally excited to have heard them come out of Mike’s mouth. It was well known that the series could not keep Harvey and Mike separated any longer and we are eager to see how this plot will unfold . But, every thing in its time, let’s return first to episode 13 of Season 6 of Suits , which aired last night in the United States. The first plot concerns Rachel and the fact that she receives a letter stating that she will not be able to pass the bar. Of course, the young woman is in shock and hurries to talk to Louis. In an act of extreme maturity, Louis decides that it is Harvey the best placed to help Rachel and does not hesitate to inform him of the situation. If this gives rise to a very funny scene between the two characters – “sorry Louis I have to go and be better than you to something ” – we really appreciate the confidence that now reigns between Harvey and Louis.
Obviously, it would not be suits if the reason why Rachel did not have interview dates is because someone wants to push Harvey to do something for him! Again, the plot shows how much Harvey has matured since he does not give in and refuses to do anything illegal to save Rachel – although he still managed to get him a date for his interview. Meanwhile, Mike continues to work on the same case as in Episode 12 of Season 6 of Suits , and nothing happens as expected. Between the client who can not deposit the check in time, the fact that Marissa can not plead the case before the judge that Oliver is always confronted with his stress problem, Mike loses his first case . However, everything is not lost for him and Harvey makes him an offer during the episode that he will eventually accept after this defeat.
Seeing that he has a means of pressure on one of the people who decide who can be a lawyer or not, Harvey proposes to Mike to pass the bar. If he refuses initially, afraid of returning to prison, his defeat and the fact that he could not decently help his client because he is not a lawyer make him change his mind and the episode ends On: “I’m leaving,” he says when he arrives in Harvey’s office . Good news that confirms that the season is going to end in style! It will also be noted that the marriage of Rachel and Mike is back on track, that Louis also matured in his personal relationships and finally that Donna is brilliant, as usual! In episode 14, which will air next Wednesday, Harvey and Mike will try to get their plan going. But if you believe the video of Admission of Guilt , which you can see above, the plan will prove to be much more risky than what Harvey thought and he could just drop everything … What do you think You?