Suits Season 6: Finally a victory for Mike and Harvey next week on Serie Club?

Cinema 11 July, 2017

Find out what awaits you in the upcoming episodes of Season 6 of Suits, which will air next week on Série Club.

The latest events have made things very complicated for Harvey and Mike in the last two episodes of Suits that have just been broadcast on Série Club. So how are they going to fix the situation? In episode 8, titled “Choosing Weapons,” Harvey will once again do his best to find a way to get Mike out of prison and he will do by refuting the key witness of Sean Cahill. Meanwhile, Mike will not stand idly by and try to provide his own witness in the case. Will they finally succeed in getting Mike out of prison? As for Rachel and Jessica, they will fight to back down the execution date of Leonard Bailey. Finally, Louis finally accepted Tara’s proposal.

In episode 9, entitled “Bras de fer”, a new challenge will be presented for Harvey and Mike. Indeed, to protect him, Harvey will consider getting Gallo out of prison, although he hates him. However, a last-minute change will force him to review his entire strategy. Speaking of strategy, Rachel will not completely agree with the one used by Jessica in the defense of Leonard Bailey. For his part, Louis will continue to go out with Tara. But while he seems at last comfortable with the situation, Tara will announce to him a rather bad news and all the doubts of Louis will resurface. While waiting to discover all this on Series Club, know that you can read our review of episode 7 of season 6 of Suits.