Suits Season 6: Jessica will make a surprising announcement next week on Club Series!

Cinema 17 July, 2017

Find out what awaits you in the upcoming episodes of Season 6 of Suits, which will air next week on Series Club.

Good news, Mike is finally released from prison in the last episode of season 6 of Suits which has just been broadcast on Série Club! If it was not easy, Mike and Harvey finally managed to put a strategy in place so that everything ended up for the better. So, what is waiting for Mike now that he’s free again? Melty’s editorial unveils what awaits you next week in the following two episodes of Suits. In episode 10, entitled “A Woman of Honor”, the time will not yet be fully celebrated as Pearson, Specter & Litt will still encounter many problems.

While Louis and Harvey will do their utmost to reassure and retain their clients, Jessica and Rachel will fight to save the life of Leonard Bailey.
Then, in episode 11 entitled “The day after”, the cabinet will shake after Jessica made a surprising and unexpected announcement to others. This news promises to upset the roles of everyone and everyone should then get their hands to help. As for Rachel, she will think about what she can do once she graduates as a lawyer. Will she stay working for Pearson, Specter & Litt or join her father’s office? While waiting to discover all this, we suggest you read our review of episode 9 of Season 6 of Suits.