Suits season 6: Will Mike accept Sean Cahill’s offer next week on Série Club?

Cinema 25 June, 2017

Find out what awaits you in the upcoming episodes of Season 6 of Suits, which will air next week on Série Club.
This is Series Club began broadcasting Season 6 of Suits tonight, with three unreleased episodes that directly immersed us in the bath and especially in the new life of Mike Ross who is now in jail. As soon as he arrives in prison, Mike is already making enemies and his prison life is not going to improve. So if you’re eager to find out what’s going on in the next episodes, melty’s editorial is here to give some answers. In episode 4, Mike will have a little taste of freedom because Harvey and Cahill will succeed in getting him out of jail for a few hours . This will allow us to attend a most touching meeting between Rachel and Mike. But he will also have to decide whether he accepts Sean Cahill’s offer or not. Meanwhile, Rachel will work on a case involving a prisoner on death row, while Louis will have a thunderbolt for an architect named Tara Messer … it promises!
In episode 5, Donna will help Louis to realize her plan in order to be able to get closer to Tara. Rachel will continue to work on the inmate’s death row in the Innocence Project, but her teacher will refuse to take the case. Rachel will then seek to have the support of Jessica and ask her to take this matter in pro bono in order to restore the image of the firm. As for Mike, he will get closer to the one who shares his cell, Kevin , by confronting him about the reasons for his presence in prison. Will Mike succeed in getting what he needs to get out of prison sooner? While waiting to discover it, we suggest you read our review of episode 3 of season 6 of Suits , on melty! What do you think ?